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Date published: 21 March 2023

1. RALLY SHOW VRHNIKA IS CANCELLED due to the unforeseen circumstances with acquiring permits

Unfortunately, we are forced to cancel the first performance of the Rally Show Vrhnika, which was conceived as something completely new in motor sports in Slovenia, while at the same time continuing the long-standing tradition of motor racing in the Ljubljana Basin. Despite the fact that we carried out the procedures for obtaining permits in accordance with the applicable legislation, we encountered obstacles at the last moment, which we were unable to overcome in the time that was still available to us and to carry out the event within the planned framework. Thus, it is not possible to perform both free parts of the event, i.e. special stage Verd - Pokojišče and Race & Fun park in the Vrhnika Sports Park. At the same time, we are only comforted by the fact that the weather forecast for the coming weekend is getting worse hour by hour.

A big thanks goes to the Autosport Jazon team, who has been breathing for this project for the last six months.

We thank all registered crews, there were more than 50, from Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Italy and Slovenia for their trust.

The following thanks go to the spectators who showed us immense support and great interest in attending the event. Just for you, we tried to keep most of the event free and
maintain the diversity of the event and offer something for everyone.

Finally, thanks to all the sponsors, without whom the event would not have come this far. You have shown a great support, so we would like to mention you in particular: Kamnolom Verd, Rallyshow.si, Pleško cars, Valvoline, Pivovarna Union, Varesi, Avtotrade Vrhnika, VR Elektronika, Nomago, Kemis, Avtovleka Čepon, New Limits, Race Taxi, BSI vodovod & ogrevanje, Rally-shop.si, Lema Racing, Rem Power and Red Bull.

Thanks also to PGD Verd, PGD Padež Pokojišče Zavrh and to both local communities, as well as our musicians, the Društvo Mrtvih Pesnikov and Aktualova galama.

Tickets bought online (Eventim) will be automatically refunded. Others, who bought them at the points of sale, can go the same seller where you made the purchase from Monday, 27th March on to obtain a refund . We are available for all information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Explanation: In order to carry out this event, Test day Verd - Pokojišče was organized with all permits on September 10th, 2022, as you can see in the video below. We have to emphasize that at that time we did not have any issues with obtaining permits. The rules and requirements of the responsible authorities were clear and we fully complied with them. The fact that we can organize such an interesting and attractive event, which was well received by the local community, gave us the impetus to repeat everything together this year and perform it at an even higher level! Unfortunately, it didn't work out this time. Without this part, the rally is less interesting for the competitors, and without the competitors it becomes less interesting for the spectators as well.

We believe that the story of the rally in the Ljubljana Basin is not over here and that we will see you at one of our next events.


Autosport Jazon
Miran Škrjanec, president

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